Collaged Monoprints at Pace Prints, NY

Hammond-detail 006

A Room of One’s Own (Picasso), 2013, Hand-colored relief print with collage, 35 x 56 1/4 inches, Monotype, Published by Pace Editions, Inc.

January 25 – March 2, 2013

Pace Prints was pleased to present Collaged Monoprints, an exhibition of new hand-colored monoprint drawings by Jane Hammond, created in the Pace Paper studios in Brooklyn, New York. This is Hammond’s fourth solo exhibition with Pace Prints.

A Room of One’s Own, the title given to each of the large-scale works in Hammond’s exhibition, describes the individuality of the depicted interior space based upon its invented composition, color and collaged elements. In this body of work, as always, Hammond works in a method of recombination, making an array of figures, animals and objects, combining and recombining them to create myriad and changing associations in each collage. All of this play occurs inside a recurring Renaissance-style room, with deep perspectival space. Each room is extensively hand-painted and contains up to seventy elements, individually cut out and collaged into the space. Hammond’s capacious hand-painting is combined with relief printing, linoleum block printing, etching, digital printing and rubber stamping in all of the works.  To read more about the exhibition visit Hammond at Pace Prints