Girl Lying Down
Midwife to Gargoyles
Detail 2 from Backstage: Secrets of Scene Painting
Some Species Like it Hot
Keeping the Orphan
Detail 3 from Backstage: Secrets of Scene Painting
No Trigger No Cry
The Soapstone Factory 4
It’s Lovely to Live on a Raft
I Will Always Love Those Bachelors
A Scratched Itch
Happiest on Your Hands
Caught and Called
Carry Me
No One Can Win at the Hurricane Bar
When the Deep Purple Falls
‘Summertime’ and Its Discontents
Diving Board Couple
Forests of Fire
As a Lake Looks
Charades 1
Lobby Card
Give Darkness to the Dark
Charades 3
Untitled (241, 157, 10, 92, 4, 272, 49, 237, 178, 268, 171, 267, 131, 147, 136, 64, 40)
Cindi and Jo
Prevents Furring
Wish I May, Wish I Might
Charades 5
Sore Models Two
Shanghai Costumes
Good Night Nurse
Untitled (225, 95, 240, 34, 260)
Charades 25
Pumpkin Soup